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Fluff Interior Design | Thanksgiving and French Silk Pie
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Thanksgiving and French Silk Pie

23 Nov Thanksgiving and French Silk Pie

While most people love pumpkin pie, Thanksgiving is NOT Thanksgiving at our house without a (mostly) homemade French Silk Pie. (I’m only slightly ashamed to admit that I cheat on the crust.)




This pie has been a part of all family for all of our married lives (28 YEARS next months!) We make it for birthdays, the 4th of July, Christmas, Thanksgiving and any other excuse we can find. My parents picked this cookbook up on one of their many travels and as you can see, it’s been used A LOT! While other cookbooks have gone on to be replaced by Pinterest boards, this one has made move after move with our family, even though I memorized the recipe years ago.


Tomorrow we have our middle son home from college for the first time since he left for Denver! Our youngest son still has a couple of years at home, thank God (I’m SO not ready for the stupid empty nest phase!) and we also have a Korean student and a Chinese student who live with us that we get to celebrate Thanksgiving with for the first time. YAY! BUT, it’s also the first holiday that we won’t have all of our family together for Thanksgiving as our oldest is in the army and can’t make it home. Next Thanksgiving he will be deployed to Iraq and that will be a whole other level of missing him. But tomorrow, we’ll Facetime with him, eat pie “together” and be grateful for technology. We have MUCH to be grateful for.

So, as I said, Fluff Interior Design is not known for our recipes. We’re not food bloggers, we’re not food photographers, but we ARE ALL ABOUT FAMILY and this is a peek behind the scenes at mine.

So, try the pie…it’s FABULOUS! And HAPPY THANKSGIVING to you and yours.


P.S. I normally do pretty chocolate candy curls on top of the pie, but one of our two awesome international students didn’t know the candy bar was for my Thanksgiving pie, so he ate it and I made do with miniature Milky Way bars left over from Thanksgiving. Ah, well…it’s going to be fun doing Thanksgiving with them…even without the chocolate curls! And I must say that I’m pretty proud of the fact that there was ANY chocolate in the house leftover from Halloween! 🙂






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